1. Supernatural Gag Reel Season 9 

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    I am looped in the loops of her hair.

    lovedsam vs. stripperlecki
    prompt: Brown Penny by William Butler Yeats

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  5. It never occurred to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls, but they were never, in fact, homeless.

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    i love when the supernatural fandom adds a shitty gif to some random fuckin post and then act like they own the place


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  11. [x]

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  13. Jensen Ackles speaks on stage at the Television Critics Association Panel for Supernatural 2014

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    Yo guys, this has to be done.. reblog and let your fellow spn family members know.

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    I wasn’t going to reblog this.  But then I saw the paw print.

    you’re watching Supercatural

    I’m Misha Kittens, and you’re watching Supercatural

    Jensen Mewckles
    Jared Purrdelecki

    with Jim Beavpurr and Mark Shepurrd


    Hellatus is getting to the supernatural fandom

    I’m Catsiel, Kitten of the Lord

    Catsiel has an army of angel kittens behind him

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  19. What’s interesting is you guys never really look at each other at the same time.

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